Free Hug

October 22, 2010

Young Cannes Competition: Finalist

The Brief :
How to get Thai’s people love and care each other again.

Thailand has been pass the critical moment of this century.
We all suffered from every action and eveything seems to be back to normal.

We (who make this ad) we don’t believe that everything was back to normal,
because that violent parts just left everyone scar. one important thing is we don’t think that one commercial can change everything.

“Free Hug” is not a TVC. It’s a social movement that start from one person.
Which means “You”. It’s the symbolic of love and care among the others.
Love come from give and take but at this moment. You should be the one who start first. We in the position of communication person, out duty is to give them love and hope. We hope that one day every violence can stop may be not 100% but at least we try.

We use ourselves to be a free hug guys, with the real shot and real situation
to see whether Thai people still love each other or not.

Music by
Artist: Six Parts Seven
Song: Saving words for making senses

Copywriter: Thasorn Boonyanate
Art Director: EkAroon Laowatanakul
Agency: JEH United


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