cause = time

June 29, 2010

I love retro!!!!! It’s so Coon!!!

It’s been a while since i haven’t spoke to myself, lately all i dream about is work and work , which is quite good actually
but something inside of me said i have to find me inside me! now i’m confusing anyway, the point is that
when you concentrate on something without any distraction, you will be able to do anything good but if you can’t
then you have to find your own ways to do it.

Now, there are so many books i haven’t read, so many movie i haven’t watch,
so many song i haven’t heard and so many people i haven’t hug even my dad which i haven’t met for so long.
My best friend told me to solve the problem from the “Cause” and when i did it the “Cause and Time” will be perfect 🙂


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