Chiang-Mai Eium Campaign

June 12, 2010

Chiang-Mai Eium Campaign

Reason To Believe

Chiang-Mai City is now facing lots of pullution problem, without knowing; we came to help them.

It’s quite hard to change the thing that they don’t really know that it was happening now.


To make Chiang-Mai to be a role model city for every city in Thailand.

– Seperate their garbage for better benefit

– Set the “Oil Detect Box” to decrease the water pollution

– Change their eating vegetable behavior to eat only the clean one


Chiang-Mai is a very sensitive country, you can’t just go and tell them to change this and that.

You can’t say you come from any agency except from chiang-mai people themself.

The Soultion

So why don’t we let Chaing-Mai People talk to each other, while we just their supporter?


We use the famous social network group of people “Phoenix 29” to be the role leader of this TVC.

They are college student, who learn in Chiang-Mai University… To make an approach,

we use their outstanding performance instead.


Don’t Dump

Chiang-Mai Girl


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